Sentry with django-newauth

Sentry with django-newauth

djangonnewauth is a library to add customizable user model (It developed before Django 1.5). And sentry is a platform to collect logs and aggregate these.

Sentry can collect errors raised by some django applications, and displays informations of these errors.


Sentry can tell us a user encountered some errors. But, if the application uses djangonnewauth, the user provided by newauth will not be displayed.

I tried to write a SentryPlugin to display the newauth’s user information. As it turns out, I could not do it. It was a difficult than I thought.


I wrote a package to solve this raven_django_newauth .

You can set SENTRY_CLIENT = ‘raven_django_newauth.client.DjangoNewauthClient’, and then, User interface of Sentry provides a information of newauth’s user.

Sentry and Raven

Sentry collects informations sended by raven. Sentry defines general interfaces (for example a User), and raven traslates collected data to thing in consideration of these interfaces. A client send dictionary thats key is path to each interfaces (like ‘setry.interfaces.User).

The User interfaces in sentry.interfaces.User. And on django application, the raven client is raven.contrib.django.client.DjnagoClient. The client gets user information from get_user_info method and stores to the dictionary as a key ‘sentry.interfaces.User’